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Patton’s Secret Mission
by Jim Sudmeier, story by Peter Domes and Martin Heinlein.

This screenplay won the Platinum REMI (first place) award at the Houston Film Festival, 2006. It is the little-known true story of General George S. Patton’s unauthorized, daring, nighttime raid by a 300-man armored Task Force led by Capt. Abe Baum 50 miles behind German lines to rescue Patton’s son-in-law from a POW camp.  This high-stakes gamble is full of suspense, big egos, Nazi villainy, violent tank battles, and amazing twists and turns.

Up to now, Patton’s Secret Mission has escaped being made into what could be the best US tank movie of all time (see comparisons on this website under “Best Tank Movie?” with Kelly’s Heroes, Patton, and Fury). The story deals with Patton and his lover (his wife’s half niece), includes battles of tank vs tank, tank vs trains, barges, and swarms of the notorious Panzerfaust anti-tank weapons.  Key roles are played by General Eisenhower and the ruthless Nazi officer who masterminded the overwhelming counterattack.

With a full-time career in medical research in 2006, the author had no time to effectively publicize the script.  Those who have read it have given us consistently enthusiastic reviews.  That includes Martin Blumenson, principal Patton biographer; Karel Margry, Editor of “After the Battle” Magazine; Alan Tomkins, Academy Award-nominated Art Director for Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers; and highly decorated WWII veterans such as authors Henry G. Phillips and John Shirley, former Mayor of Livermore, CA.  Hammelburg raiders, including Bill Nutto and raid leader Abe Baum also made suggestions and stamped it with their imprimaturs.

PRODUCERS NOTE:  There is enough material in the script (with completed scenes omitted due to space limitations) for a five part mini-series, building to a suspenseful conclusion. German co-authors Lt. Col. Peter Domes and M.Sgt Martin Heinlein are the world authorities on the Hammelburg raid.  They maintain a website on the topic (, and have written a book on it in German (Alarm! Die Panzerspitze Kommt!!!) which will soon to be available in English (Task Force Baum: Behind Enemy Lines!). Domes and Heinlein might be available as military advisors, and although there is no guarantee, their connection with the German Infantry School in Hammelburg might also facilitate shooting on location, the use of extras, etc.

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