Sherman Tanks

1) Inside the Sherman (“Battle Stations: Sherman Assault,” War History documentary, 44 min.);; min. 7–13: inside the tank, crew life

2) Sherman radial engine coughs to life, tank drives on beach (3 min);

3) Driving a Sherman around for a crowd, shooting 75mm gun (9.5 min.);

4) Thorough guided tour of a Sherman M4A3(75mm) in Carlysle, PA (37.4 min.) including firing sequence commands;

5) Wonderful guided tour inside Sherman M4A3E8 in Canada.  How to fire the gun, how to drive (13.5 min.):


General Patton

1) The Patton Myth;

2) Speech June 9, 1945, from the LA Colliseum;

3) Patton 1970 movie, speech to troops,George C. Scott;


Recommended Books

1) Leo Barron, author, Patton at the Battle of the Bulge;

2) Don Fox, author, Patton’s Vanguard, the US 4th Armored Division;

3) Domes, P., and Heinlein, M., (Alarm! Die Panzerspitze Kommt!!!)—soon to be available in English (Task Force Baum: Behind Enemy Lines!);

4) Tons of free official US Government, CMH books, and maps on war in Europe & Pacific;

5) Viet Nam War. A buddy of mine, Krebsbach, Fred. Okay Okay;


Recommended Websites

1) Hard to find information on the Third Army. After action report: Third US Army, 1 August 1944–9 May 1945. Vol I, the operations;

2) Complete free copy of XII Corps WWII Spearhead to Victory;

3) Unit histories in WWII (every country);

4) Peter Domes and Martin Heinlein;

5) National WWII Museum, New Orleans;

6) 9th Infantry Division;

7) WWII history home page;

8) History, strategy, leadership, games;

9) Schevenhuette history, geneology;

10) My colleague, Jerome Leclerc’s Memorial to Lorraine, France, 1939-1945 (in French but can translate);

11) Interesting  website with links upon links (Thanks Maddie and Lucas);


A very good Russian tank movie called “The White Tiger”

This story is kind of fantasy, surreal, a bit of Moby Dick, but technically very good on tank warfare (1:44:05);


Recommended Military Magazines

1) After the Battle (ATB);

2) WWII history magazine;

3) WWII history magazine;

4) ATB magazines, books, DVDs, online;