4th Armored

Photos and Roster, Original 37th Tank Battalion, Company C

Thanks to the generosity of tank driver Tec/4 Simon “Butch” Kulinich of Pittsfield, Wisconsin, I was able to copy the photos of this storied unit, the 118 men of Company C, recorded in Devizes, England, where they were undergoing intense training about 5 weeks before their trip across the English Channel to Normandy.  This 37th Tank Battalion was most often under the command of the legendary Col. Creighton Abrams. Company C is the one that led the way, blasting their way into Bastogne on Dec. 26, 1944—the first company to relieve the 101st Airborne.  The lead tank, “Cobra King,” forging into Bastogne was commanded by 1st Lt. Charles P. Boggess (a replacement not in this photo).  The gunner of that tank, Cpl. Milton Dickerman, appears in the fourth photo below.

Company C was also the one selected to go on the Hammelburg raid.  With help from Butch Kulinich, I was able to label the photographs, using a red font for those killed in action (KIA) and underlining the names of those who went on the Hammelburg raid.  Any errors in labeling are mine and I would appreciate receiving any corrections from you, the viewers.

Company C Roster